Intro to Our Montana Fly Fishing Planner

This Montana fly fishing planner is designed to help prospective Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing clients and other fishing visitors decide when to come, what to bring, and what flies and tackle to use when fishing southern Montana. While the information provided here is centered on Livingston, Montana, and applies specifically to fishing within about 2.5 hours of here, much of the information in these pages also applies to other areas in Montana and the Rocky Mountain West in general.

Navigating the Montana Fly Fishing Planner

There’s quite a bit of information in the Montana fly fishing planner and the pages here are very text-heavy, so navigating this section of our website is a bit different than navigating other pages. We suggest reading these pages on a computer or large tablet, rather than on your phone. Use the link bar to your right (on computers and large tablets) or at the bottom of the page (on phones and small tablets) to navigate to the various pages in this section of the site. When you click or tap each of the headings in the link bar, that section of the link bar will expand to show all the pages within it. You can always click the link at the top of the bar to return to this page.

Other Helpful Pages

There is some overlap between the Montana Fly Fishing Planner and other sections of our website. Here are some other sections where you might find the information you’re looking for:

  • Our Fisheries Pages: The ‘Our Fisheries’ pages include water-specific hatch charts and fishing information.
  • Montana and Yellowstone Park Fishing Reports Pages: We offer both a general regional fishing report updated at least weekly during the prime mid-May to mid-October season when things change fast, as well as dedicated reports for all fisheries within our operations area that are updated when necessary.
  • Montana Guided Trip Packing List: While focused on packing for guided fishing trips with Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing rather than fishing the region in general, this page gives a concise idea of what you should pack to fish the region.