Fishing Report Updated July 19, 2021

This Paradise Valley Spring Creek fishing report is valid from July 19 through August.

The spring creeks are running clear and cold, and they’re crowded. This is the tail end of PMD season and many dates this time next year are already booked solid. For good reason. The PMD hatches offer the most consistent dry fly fishing of the year on the creeks.

That said, the fishing will not be consistent nor easy, especially with as hot and bright as it has been. Look for the best hatches from about 9:00 to noon, especially when it’s cloudy. Absent a hatch, nymph the riffles or seek out spooky bank feeders eating ants, beetles, and the occasional errant dead PMD that didn’t hatch out properly with the morning’s hatch.

If there are no PMDs, which will become more and more likely as the days pass and basically certain after August 1, slender mayfly nymphs, midges, and terrestrials will be the only real flies to fish, and the fishing will generally be very hard.

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