Fishing Report Updated August 30, 2022

This Paradise Valley Spring Creek fishing report is valid August 30 until early October.

This is one of the most-challenging periods of the year to fish the spring creeks, due to limited aquatic insect activity. Scattered hatches of Western Sulphurs (actually cream-colored Baetis), midges, and maybe a few very late PMDs might prompt small batches of rising fish, but these won’t be widespread. Ants, beetles, and maybe even tiny oddball hoppers might also draw a fish or two.

The best tactic is usually nymphing. You can blind-nymph the faster, deeper riffles with BWO nymphs and midge larvae, or if you’re a fan of frustration you can fish unweighted nymphs of various sorts to spotted trout in slower water.

Our next spring creek report will drop in early October when hatches, clouds, and fish numbers in the creeks all start to increase.

Learn about fishing the Paradise Valley spring creeks.

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