Fishing Report Updated April 9, 2021

This Montana private lake fishing report is valid for the middle two weeks of April, 2021.

The private lakes are turning on for the year. For now, the best fishing will occur on gray but warm days. The fish will be in sun-warmed shallows on these days. When it’s cold out, particularly in the morning, look for the fish in deeper water. Also fish areas near springwater inputs, since these will be the warmest areas of the lake except maybe the shallow flats in the sun on warm afternoons.

Regardless of where the trout are holding, they will be looking for large meals moving slow. We like leeches, streamers, and great big San Juan Worms this time of year. This is about the only time of year we sometimes fish articulated streamers in the lakes. Walter’s Scleech in black is a good choice. Stick to “leechy” streamers and just creep them along slow. Egg patterns can also work near inlet areas, as the rainbows attempt to spawn in the limited flowing water available.

Don’t hesitate to walk the banks of the lakes this time of year. The fish are often shallow enough that you can sight-fish if you move along slowly.

Our next Montana private lake fishing report will come out in late April. By that point we should have some first-hand reports.