Livingston Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Let our Livingston Montana fly fishing guides introduce you to our home waters—in a drift boat or on foot, in Montana or Yellowstone Park, famous or under-the-radar.

Yellowstone Country Fly Fishing’s Montana fly fishing guides are based in Livingston, MT, right in the heart of Montana trout country. We offer a wide range of guided fly fishing trips for experts and beginners alike. Our Livingston Montana fly fishing guides offer trips year-round whenever weather and water conditions allow.

The core of our business is drift boat and raft trips on rivers near Livingston, but we also run a huge range of other trips. Want to get off the beaten path in Yellowstone Park? We’ve been dodging crowds on our wade trips there for 20+ years.

We don’t offer any prepackaged multi-day  trips. Why not? Because we custom-plan all our trips, whether they’re a half-day in duration or involve fishing several rivers over several days. If you’re looking to plan out a multi-day trip, we’d love to help you put together a package that perfectly matches your party’s skills, goals, and interests.

Click the links below for more info on any of our trips, or feel free to reach out.

Happy angler and guide with brown trout. Image contains river, rocks, people, and trout.

Drift Boat & Raft Float Trips

Our Livingston Montana fly fishing guides offer drift boat and whitewater fishing raft trips on the Yellowstone, Boulder, Madison, and several other great rivers. With hundreds of miles of the troutiest float water in the country available within 2hr, we’ve got everything from gentle pools flanked by great scenery to raging whitewater. It’s little wonder that float trips are the core of our business.

  • Available early March through early November, ice and weather permitting. Mid-April through mid-October is prime season.
  • Suitable for anglers of any skill level and almost any fitness, ages 10 and up.
  • Fast-paced whitewater or scenic and mellow, lots of trout on dries or a few big ones on streamers—your choice!
  • Rates start at $500.

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Angler fishing the Boulder River. Photo contains a raft, a river, an angler, and vegetation and sky in background.

Float & Wade Trips

Float from spot to spot, then get out to wade fish prime areas that shore-bound anglers can’t reach and most floaters blow right by. Slower-paced than most float trips, faster-paced and less tiring than most wade trips. Few Livingston Montana fly fishing guides offer these trips, but with the right clients, we love them.

  • Available early March through early November, ice and weather permitting. Spring and fall are prime time on the Yellowstone River.
  • Suitable for anglers of any skill level, ages 12 and up. Best for fit clients.
  • Ideal for anglers who want to focus on learning proper techniques and who would rather work small areas thoroughly.
  • Rates start at $550.

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Angler fishing a small, brushy, swift creek

Walk & Wade Trips

Hike into mountain meadow creeks or the mighty Black Canyon of the Yellowstone in search of solitude, scenery, and lots of unpressured wild trout. On most walk & wade trips we emphasize shedding crowds and showing our guests the “real Yellowstone” away from the roads and popular tourist attractions.

  • Yellowstone Park trips available Memorial Day Weekend through October. Mid-June through October is prime time. Limited Montana trips are available year-round.
  • Suitable for anglers of any skill level, ages 10 and up. Best for fit clients who are eager to hike and/or scramble around boulders and brush. Come play in the creek!
  • Ideal for instructing first-time fly-fishers, especially younger and/or less-patient clients.
  • Great opportunities for wildlife watching, berry picking, and seeing fantastic scenery most visitors to the region miss, if you don’t just want to focus on fishing.
  • Peak season rates start at $550 in Yellowstone Park and $500 in Montana.

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Smiling angler and Livingston Montana fly fishing guides with rainbow trout

Power Boat Trips

Boat pretty mountain and prairie reservoirs with our Livingston Montana fly fishing guides. These reservoirs produce lots of solid trout when most rivers are muddy, or you can get crazy and sight-cast grasshoppers for carp in late summer.

  • Available April through October. April through early June is prime trout season.
  • Better for experienced anglers, and ideal for solo anglers given the small size of our power boat.
  • Limited fly fishing competition.
  • Great choice during spring runoff, when rivers are either muddy or crowded.
  • Rates start at $500.

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smiling angler and guide with immense private lake rainbow trout. Background contains a lake and blue sky

Private Water Trips

Private spring creeks and lakes provide easy access and seldom fishing for large but often difficult trout, especially in the “shoulder seasons” when other trips are often not at their best. Additional access fees apply.

  • Walk & wade spring creek trips are available year-round, but are best in March and April.
  • Private lake float trips are available from early April through early July and from September 1 through mid-October. Best from late April through late June and in late September and early October.
  • Larger than average trout, including real monsters. Even the average fish can be difficult to catch, though…
  • All private water trips are suitable for patient anglers ages 12 and up. Spring creek trips are suitable for advanced and expert fly anglers. Lake trips are suitable for any anglers who can cast 40+ feet.
  • Rates start at $550 plus access fees charged by the landowner.

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young angler with first trout

Beginner Trips

Are you a rookie overwhelmed by all the options? This page is for you.

Here we talk about the trips and time periods that are best for those who have never fly fished before and want to get started right with our Livingston Montana fishing guides.
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Livingston montana fly fishing guides rates and terms icon

Guided Trip Rates, Terms, and F.A.Q.

This page covers the money stuff. Here’s the short version:

  • Full-day trips in Montana cost $625 for one angler and $675 for two. In Yellowstone Park they cost $675 for 1–2 anglers. Full-day trips run roughly 7:00AM to 4:00PM from hello to goodbye during prime season.
  • Half-day rates in Montana are $500 for one angler and $550 for two. In YNP they are $550. Half-day trips are about five hours long.
  • Spring and fall shoulder season trips in Montana cost $550–$600 and are basically “3/4-day” in length.
  • Winter walk & wade trips run 3hr not counting travel and cost $350–$375.
  • Trips require a 50% deposit ($1500 max deposit). Deposits are refundable up to 30 days in advance. Cancellations within 7 days of the trip require payment of the full trip price.
  • We include the guide service (obviously), all necessary flies & tackle, transportation from a pre-arranged meeting point, water, soft drinks on request, snacks, and lunch on full-day Montana trips.
  • We do not include: fishing licenses, private water access fees, Yellowstone Park entrance fees, wading gear, raingear or other personal attire, alcoholic beverages, lunch on Yellowstone Park trips, or guide gratuities. Note that clients seldom need wading gear on float trips between early June and September 15.

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map showing YCFF operations area

Guided Trip Destinations

We’re in the middle of a wealth of fisheries, including several of the top-twenty float-fishing trout rivers in the United States and more mountain creeks than anybody could fly fish in a lifetime. Check out this page to learn where, when, and why our Livingston Montana fishing guides fish various places, to get an idea of where we’re likely to fish with you.

Our approximate operations area is shaded in green.

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cold wet angler and guide with large rainbow trout

Guided Trip Packing List

We send out a detailed itinerary for every trip we book, but this page covers the basics you should always plan to bring. It’s not a bad place to begin for packing for your DIY trips, too.

Yes, you need a raincoat. A good one, most of the year. The photo was shot in late May.

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