Centered Hi-Viz Parachute Ant

Posted on March 4th, 2021 in Fly Tying Videos

The Centered Hi-Viz Parachute Ant is a parachute ant variation with the parachute post and hackle moved to the middle of the hook shank, for a thinner head section on the fly and better balance on the water. It’s our #2 ant on float trips, both in this color combination and red and black with a March Brown-dyed grizzly hackle.

Hook: Standard dry fly, #12-18.

Thread: 8/0 to match front body segment. Here, rusty-brown Uni.

Head and Abdomen: Fine acrylic dubbing. Here rusty brown acrylic yarn chopped up in a coffee grinder. Other good colors are a red head with a black abdomen, all black, or all medium brown.

Parachute Post: Hi-viz Para Post Wing, Widow’s Web, or similar.

Hackle: Dry fly saddle oversized by about one hook size. On this cinnamon version, use brown. On red/black, use March Brown-dyed grizzly.

Center Segment: Tiny tuft of UV Ice Dub, regular Ice Dub, Polar Dub, SLF, or any similar bright, flashy dubbing wrapped around the hook shank at the base of the parachute post. Here, UV cinnamon Ice Dub.