Euroflash Nymph – Perdigon Variation

Posted on March 4th, 2021 in Fly Tying Videos

The Euroflash is a variation on the Butano Perdigon distinguished by the addition of sparse legs and the fact the tungsten bead is buried in the fly’s thorax. It’s an effective, fast-sinking, technical mayfly nymph or midge pupa, whether you’re using Euro nymphing techniques, sight-nymphing, or fishing the fly under a hopper or indicator. Try it in various colors and #14-20.


Hook: 1x short 1x strong scud, #14-20 (especially #16-18).

Bead: Tungsten to match hook size and disappear somewhat in the thorax. This color is brown.

Thread: Dark brown 8/0 on this color, otherwise a dark color to match natural insects or rest of fly (black and dark brown are best).

Tail: Dark pardo coq-de-leon.

Abdomen: Holographic Flashabou, in this case olive. Other good colors are red, black, purple, and copper, but feel free to try assorted colors.

Wing Case: UTC opal tinsel, size medium or small.

Thorax: Tying thread and the bead (secure the bead with X-wraps).

Legs: A few strands of Fluoro-Fibre secured vee-style. On this color, use gray. Most other colors of the pattern are best with gray or dark brown.

Body Coating: UV-cure resin over entire fly except legs.