Parachute Midge Emerger

Posted on March 4th, 2021 in Fly Tying Videos

Parachute Midge Emerger

Fish this one during afternoon midge hatches on Yellowstone area rivers, particularly in the winter and early spring. When doing this, look for slow walking-speed seams with foam. Fish this bug behind a more-buoyant and visible dry. I prefer #16 Purple Hazy Cripples or Trudes. The latter actually look like midge clusters due to the peacock body, particularly when skies are gray so the wing appears to be a buzz of movement over the fly.

You can also tie the pattern larger to serve as a dry chironomid in lakes. Fish it solo then, or even run a tiny beadhead under it on a short dropper.

This is a good one to tie for the late winter midges we often see in the afternoons. Quick too!


Hook: #18-22 short shank dry fly (use #12-16 for chironomids in lakes).

Thread: 10/0 black. Change color to match the overall body color of the midges you’re imitating

Wing Post: White Widow’s Web or similar hydrophobic (poly) yarn.

Rib: Pearl Midge Krystal Flash.

Body: Fine black dubbing, or color to match your local midges.

Hackle: Grizzly, 3-4 turns on smaller sizes and 4-5 turns for chironomids.