Scleech Streamer Fly Tying Video

Posted on March 4th, 2021 in Fly Tying Videos

Scleech Streamer Introduction

The Scleech is my favorite double-hook streamer. The title is a bit of a lie. It’s not actually a true articulated pattern, rather a single-hook streamer with a stinger hook and the fly’s body on the connection between the main hook and the stinger. If I wasn’t yacking, I can tie these in about ten minutes, much less than most similar-sized streamers.

This is a great fly in early spring (late March through early June) on the Yellowstone, but it can work all summer and fall too. Usually I fish the fly on a seven-weight rod, with a type-IV sink tip line and about 10lb Maxima for tippet. Strip and rip, but don’t hesitate to high-stick nymph it through the turbulent, foamie, bankside pockets, particularly in midsummer when the big browns sit in those spots and don’t like it when other fish invade their territory.

The fly is also good in all standard sculpin colors: gold, tan, black, and “Bighorn,” or yellow and dark brown. I also tie it in white, though why it works in that color, I have no idea.

While primarily a sculpin imitation these days, I also use the fly as a big leech in small private ranch lakes, especially in early April right after ice-out, when the big fish are lethargic and often prefer one big meal to a lot of smaller ones. In those situations, fish it on a slower-sinking line with long, slow strips.

Tying Recipe

Front Hook: Clouser-style, #2-4 (here, an old Mustad #3366 in size-4).

Thread: 3/0 olive (or to match fly’s overall color).

Wing: Black-barred olive variant rabbit strip, or standard olive variant rabbit strip.

Rear Hook: #6 scud or similar short-shank wide-gape hook (egg, octopus, etc.).

Articulation/Body: 40lb Power Pro braided fishing line strung with eight 6mm golden olive acrylic craft store beads.

Eyes: Medium gold I-Balz.

Body #2: Other end of rabbit strip used for wing, secured and wrapped forward as in a bunny leech, 3-4 turns.

Throat: Red flash, here an odd formulation of red Kreinik Flash, but any material will work.

Collar/Dorsal Fin: Olive Montana Fly Company Widow’s Web.

Head: Olive Widow’s Web, spun in a dubbing loop, wrapped forward, and trimmed to shape.

Markings: Color top side of head and all of collar/dorsal fin with a brown permanent marker, then bar with a black permanent marker.