Synth Stimmy – Stimulator Variation

Posted on March 4th, 2021 in Fly Tying Videos

Synth Stimmy

This is a good small to medium rough water attractor dry. With the abundant hackle clipped underneath, tight synthetic body materials that don’t absorb water, and synthetic wing, it is buoyant but floats low in the film. These features, along with the alternate hook used compared to the standard Stimulator, also make it float correctly every time and give it good hooking properties. To top it off, it’s even quick to tie.

Tie the Synth Stimmy in colors to match your favorite Stimulator (except yellow, alas, because the body material is not available in this color) or in other “attractor” or “imitator” colors.

Hook: 2xl curved shank nymph/hopper (Here MFC #7231), #10-16. Do not use standard Stimulator hooks.

Thread #1: MFC Midge Body thread OR Veevus Iridescent thread. Here, MFC Midge Body in golden olive.

Abdomen: One to several layers of thread #1, depending on hook size and material used. Note that the tying method varies depending on which material is used, particularly in small hook sizes. See the video for details on how to create the body using both materials.

Thread #2: 8/0, here light olive.

Body Hackle: Dry fly saddle secured at front of abdomen and palmered back to rear of abdomen. Here, grizzly dyed March Brown

Rib: Thread #1. See video for method.

Wing: MFC Widow’s Web or EP Trigger Point fibers. Here, cinnamon caddis EP.

Front Hackle: Dry fly saddle. Here, grizzly dyed March Brown.

Adhesive #1: Super glue over thread wraps securing wing butts and front hackle.

Head: Ice Dub. Here, olive.

Adhesive #2: Head cement or superglue.