Zirdle Bug Fly Tying Video

Posted on March 4th, 2021 in Fly Tying Videos

zirdle bug image

Zirdle Bug Intro

The Zirdle Bug is a red-hot streamer/nymph combo “junk fly” in southwest Montana, particularly on lower-elevation rivers like the Beaverhead, Lower Madison, Jefferson, and Missouri, where crayfish are present.

The secret to the Zirdle Bug’s success is that it looks like a wide range of food items and can be fished in a variety of ways. It roughly matches crayfish, sculpins and other baitfish, as well as stonefly nymphs. I have caught fish on this pattern in the following ways: swung or stripped like a streamer, dead-drifted under an indicator, dragged on a tight line under an indicator, and even in small sizes under large hopper or Chubby Chernobyl patterns. Probably the most popular method to fish the Zirdle is under an indicator.

This one is sort of a tan-copper-brown-orange color, but you can tie them in a wide range of natural and attractor colors. This one is merely intended to serve as an example.

The Zirdle Bug was originally produced by Solitude Fly Company, but is now tied by most wholesale fly companies.

Hook: #4-12 3xl nymph/streamer, here #6.

Weight: .015-.035 lead or lead-free wire, here .035.

Thread: 6/0 to match or contrast the body, here light brown.

Tail: Krystal Flash. Here, root beer.

Body: Brindle chenille, here Amberstone New Age Chenille.

Legs: Medium round rubber, here Wapsi barred rubber in olive with chartreuse and orange specks.

Wing: Standard rabbit strip, here black-barred tan with orange tips.