Madison River Fishing Report

This Madison River fishing report is from July 6 until about Labor Day, though we’ll update it when the Lower Madison gets hoot owl closures, which seems inevitable…

Lower Madison Report

Will be jammed with casual floaters and will soon get too warm. If you want to fish here, do it soon and start early. With summer “splash and giggle” crowds, summer weeds, and summer water temps about to crack 70 degrees each afternoon until roughly Labor Day beginning in a week or so, we don’t recommend floating here unless you mostly want to drink beer and stare at bikini-clad tubers while they crash into your boat or float right through your casting zone. We had this happen in early June, and July-August are MUCH worse.

Upper Madison Report

We haven’t actually been up there lately and probably won’t unless the Boulder and/or Yellowstone blow out again and we’re sweating for someplace to take upcoming float clients. Why drive 2+ hours when we have great fishing much closer? For up-to-date reports, we suggest talking to Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone or Beartooth Angler in Cameron. The shops in Ennis are probably great too; we just don’t know anybody in them personally.

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