Fishing Report Updated September 19, 2022

This Madison River fishing report is valid from September 18 through September.

On the Lower Madison, fish hopper-dropper combos with a small hopper and Perdigon or similar attractor nymph on bright days. Look for the deepest slots in the weed beds. On gray days, BWO and midge hatches may occur. Fish a mayfly-type attractor you can see (#16 purple Hazy Cripple, small Royal Wulff Cripple, etc.) with a mayfly emerger or unweighted nymph or perhaps something like a Griffith’s Gnat on the dropper. If no hatch on gray days, fish articulated streamers and shoot for the moon. If no dry-dropper eats on bright days, curse repeatedly and go to a bobber rig with a Zirdle or other crayfish-esque streamer with a mayfly nymph or worm pattern behind it, or go fish the Yellowstone instead.

No recent reports from the Upper Madison. Check in with shops in Ennis or West Yellowstone.

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