Fishing Report Updated June 14, 2021

This Yellowstone Park fishing report is valid from June 13 through late June, 2021.

We are now transitioning into summer conditions in YNP. The waters on the west-central side of the park (especially the Firehole) are getting too warm. The waters in the northern part of the park are dropping into shape. The best options will be streams fed from lakes, followed by those with courses defined by large boulders. The boulders provide structure.

The Firehole River is already hitting EIGHTY degrees Fahrenheit and should not be fished below the Old Faithful closure zone again until fall.

The Madison River is also getting warm, though it may produce on PMD or caddis in the mornings.

The Gibbon River is fishing well in its canyons with attractor dry-dropper combos, especially in the mornings. In the meadows, look for PMD hatches. Green and Brown Drakes are imminent. Be stealthy in the meadows.

The Gardner River is fishing well on stonefly and large attractor nymphs. The Salmonfly hatch will start soon. The sucker spawn can disrupt things in the bottom mile of river at times. If you see big fish podded up over shallow gravel, they’re suckers that have pushed the trout into the raging fast water in the middle that’s impossible to fish.

The Yellowstone River will fish well in its canyons with stonefly nymphs and streamers. The Salmonfly Hatch is a week to ten days out even around hot spring areas and will peak in the last few days of June.

Various small lakes are fishing well now. Use small Woolly Buggers or leeches, chironomids, and tiny flashy beadheads. The grayling lakes in the central part of the park are good choices now.

Many small brook trout creeks are now falling into shape. Fish attractor dry-dropper combos.

Our next Yellowstone Park fishing report will come out around June 25, when Slough Creek and the Lamar System in general will begin falling into shape.

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