Fishing Report Updated November 1, 2022

This Yellowstone Park fishing report is valid from November 1, 2022, until Memorial Day Weekend, 2023.

The Yellowstone Park fishing season is now closed! The season used to close at sunset on the first Sunday in November. We expect Halloween to be the last day of the season moving forward. The season reopens the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, 2023.

The emergency North Entrance Road (which is probably not the permanent entrance road) reopened for two-way public auto traffic on October 30. We expect it to be open for normal entry/exit in 2023. YNP was generally inaccessible to the public from the North Entrance since the June 13 floods. This severely limited access to YNP from our operations area in 2022. We expect to operate as normal in the park in 2023.

Keep an eye on our blog starting around January 1 for updates on snow conditions and other predictions/news concerning the 2023 water year.

Our next Yellostone Park fishing report will drop shortly before the season opener, when weather/water/snow conditions can tell us what’s likely to produce (hint: not much other than a couple ponds and probably the Firehole River).

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