Paradise Valley Spring Creek Fishing Report

This Montana spring creek fishing report is valid May 11 through mid-June.

The next month or so is our least favorite period on the spring creeks except maybe August and September. Why? Limited, fragmentary hatches. While you might find pods of trout rising to midges or late BWO, or possibly even spillover Mother’s Day caddis from the Yellowstone, these hatches are much less consistent than the BWO hatches that have mostly already ended or the PMD hatches that start around June 20. Most of the time, nymphing with midge larvae or pupae and mayfly nymphs can grind out a few fish. Covering lots of water with streamers is also a good tactic. That said, this period can be hard. We once guided on Depuy around June 1 and managed seven fish over a very long day of fishing with a skilled client. We felt terrible about that until the last angler to leave besides us reported that nobody else had caught a fish that day. Just bear that in mind…

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