Fishing Report Updated August 19, 2023

This Montana spring creek fishing report is valid August 19 through early October.

The next 6–8 weeks are the toughest time of “high season” besides perhaps late May and early June on the spring creeks. Why difficult? Limited hatches and fish that have seen heavy pressure.

Look for occasional sparse, scattered hatches of PMD, cream Baetis (aka Sulphurs, a #20 or smaller pale mayfly), Tricos, and midges. Absent a hatch, sight-nymph with flies of #18 and smaller suggesting scuds, midges, and mayflies. You might scare up a fish now and again on an ant or beetle, but not very often.

Our next spring creek fishing report will come in early October when BWO hatches and the first run-up browns start making the creeks less frustrating.

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