Montana Lake & Reservoir Fishing Report

This report is valid April 13 until early May.

All lakes at low elevation except possibly Newlan Creek are ice free and ready to fish. Stick to shallow water when it’s warmer and sunnier for the best fishing. San Juan Worms and leeches will produce best. You may see a few midges buzzing around, but it’s unlikely the trout will key on them until at least mid-May. San Juan Worms near inlets, outlets, and even on windy, rocky points can also work well as the trout attempt (and mostly fail) to spawn. Warm, sunny weekends can actually be rather crowded on the large, public reservoirs. That said, windy, nasty, rainy days can be a bit unsafe. Calm weekdays with whatever sort of sunshine will probably be your best options.

The above goes for both public and private lakes. The private lakes may be somewhat difficult to reach due to muddy roads, remaining snowdrifts, etc.