Fishing Report Updated October 9, 2021

This Missouri River fishing report is valid October 9 until late November.

It’s still a bit early for them, but as the month progresses and especially in November, it starts making more and more sense to fish the upper Missouri, particularly from Toston Dam down to Canyon Ferry Reservoir. This is not numbers fishing, but it’s a shot at the biggest trout you’ll catch this year. Cover lots of water with streamers or trout spey techniques, or nymph the few good, obvious, deep runs. If nymphing, use stonefly and large attractor nymphs, crayfish, and eggs.

The “Land of Giants” section from Hauser Dam to Holter Reservoir is a good choice now. Some browns will be nosing up into spawning areas, and the small remaining kokanee population should be spawning, but the real draw is rainbows moving up to feed from the lake. Fish eggs, streamers, BWO nymphs, and midges. Some afternoon BWO fishing is possible. The fishing should continue improving here as the browns get ready to spawn and start dropping some eggs for the ‘bows to eat.

Downstream of Holter Dam, streamers and BWO will be the draws for the next month or more.

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