Fishing Report Updated August 19, 2023

This Missouri River fishing report is valid from August 19 through mid-September.

The Upper Missouri between Toston Dam and Canyon Ferry Reservoir is in perfect carp shape right now. Sight-fish with Clousers and Hybrid carp flies or similar. You may also find golden bonefish “clooping” in the big backwaters. A hopper is usually the ticket. Near springs, look for more-delicate rises. This just MIGHT be a big rainbow. Alternately, fish giant streamers near the backwaters weed beds and you might get a pike.

Land of Giants (Hauser Tailwater) is now low enough a jet boat (as opposed to our tunnel prop jon boat) is definitely required. Nymphing with slender mayflies and sowbugs is usually best, but you might scrape up a fish on a hopper or ant.

The Holter Tailwater is weedy, but some Trico hatches are still underway. Otherwise, nymph the holes between weeds or run hoppers and ants.

Learn more about fishing the Land of Giants section of the Missouri River.

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